Josephine Ronk



Best Selling Mystery and Crime Fiction Book Author

GAMA GENERATION is latest crime fiction and mystery thriller book written by one of the today’s best author Josephine Ronk.

"Seven Heroes Searching For A Common Enemy"



Jude Williams
(Famous Chef)

Single, successful and renowned Chef. His restaurant is one of the most sought-after restaurants in the country, but he suffered abuse from his late father with his mother.

New York

Martin Hills

A happy married man with two wonderful daughters. He has been a police officer for over a decade, respected by his peers for the pursuit of excellence.


Henry Graham

Pushed at a young age to follow in the footsteps of an overbearing mother which came at a cost of his wife and son(separated)


Ahmed Nazar
(Army Veteran)

He is a retired army officer, forced to leave his home with his wife and two children to find a way to survive in a troubled country.


Lola Adeyemo

She is a pampered single lady whose upkeep and responsibilities are handled by her father. She has a good heart and cares deeply for her friends and family.

Rio de Janeiro

Ana Santos

A woman faced with so much bad luck in life and forced to be alone due to circumstances she couldn't control but hid her pain by working endlessly at work to forget.

Hong Kong

Huan Li
(C.T.O for Telecommunication)

A successful woman, recognised all over the world for being a genius, won a lot of awards. Married for many years but faced with childlessness.

Mystery Thriller & Crime Fiction Author

Josephine Ronk lives in England with her husband and children. Her life is mostly multitasking, writing her mystery thriller and crime fiction books, and raising her kids. She has a great passion for reading at a very young age; her head is always buried in a book. She believes there is no limit to the world of fiction, creating powerful and mysterious characters that allow you to unlock your imagination to infinite possibilities. When not writing in her favourite library, she spends most of her time reading, cooking and travelling the world with her family.