Josephine Ronk


Why Do People Love Mystery Novels?

That’s a good question. Why do people love reading mystery novels? While everyone has a genre they love and prefer, there’s something about suspense and crime that draws people in.

Is it the characters? Is it the suspense itself? Is the feeling we get when we know something bad is bound to happen? What exactly is it?

Let’s take a look and find out:

The Thrill of Experiencing a Crime

While other genres take time to get to the meaty bits of the storyline, mystery novels get to the point right away. The author doesn’t beat around the bush.

The level of engagement mystery novels offer is what attracts readers in the first place. The author gives readers enough clues and hints to get them started. From thereon, they can start piecing things together, making everything even more interesting.

They’re Humbling

Believe it or not, one of the best things about reading a crime novel is that you realize how privileged and lucky you are to living in a better society. You realize that you could have been the victim of a gruesome crime but you’re not.

You become more grateful of the life you have. It could have been worse. And yet, it’s not.

You Learn More About Criminals

What is it about the pariahs of society that convinces them their actions are justified? What makes them commit heinous crimes and how do they live with themselves?

Crime and suspense novels help us get into the minds of criminals learn about their personality, pattern, and behaviors.

How does the human mind work? Don’t you like to reminisce on why a criminal did what he/she did? An abusive childhood, a traumatic teenage, don’t you love to speculate?

These are a few reasons why people love mystery and suspense novels. What’s your reason? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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