Josephine Ronk


Diving Deep Into the Elements of a Good Mystery Novel

If you’re a huge fan of mystery novels like us, you must have at least once wondered what makes them so good. Once you start reading one, it’s impossible to put the book down!

But not every novel is written the same. So, what separates a good mystery novel from a bad one?

Let’s a look and find out, shall we?

A Good Narrative and Hook

What sets apart a good novel from a bad one is that it will encourage readers to try and solve the crime themselves. A predictable storyline will push readers away and they will think the book is boring. That’s the last thing anyone wants—a predictable plotline!

The reader needs to be kept on their toes. They need to keep second-guessing the intensions of every character. The more plot twists there are in a book, the more enamored the readers will be.   

But the book should start with a little bit of information to intrigue the readers. As mentioned earlier, it shouldn’t be predictable. The first chapter should initiate the mystery, introducing the readers to the main characters.

A Mysterious Atmosphere

What makes a murder mystery stand out is the ominous atmosphere it creates. The uneasy mood and setting is what piques readers’ curiosity. If we take a look at Sherlock Holmes, we’ll see that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle often had mysterious settings in his books to make readers slightly anxious. An unknown killer is lurking in the shadows and no one knows who he is, and what he’s going to do next!

A Qualified Sleuth

Every good mystery novel has a sleuth. If you take a look at Agatha Christie’s novels and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, there’s a consistent character that goes on adventures to solve some of the biggest crimes in the world.

However, some mystery novels don’t need one character. There can also be a group of people who come together to figure out what is happening that’s affecting their lives.

The Gama Generation is one such example where seven individuals’ lives are turned upside down because of unknown forces who are hell-bent on ruining their careers. Each individual lives in a different continent but are the crimes connected?

The book takes us on a journey through seven different places, exploring the lives seven different people.

The book is full of mystery and suspense, and the author will give readers a proper cat-and-mouse game. The book will soon be available on Amazon and Kindle.